Looking for the title of a drum and bass track


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Years ago, maybe around 1999 (give or take 2 years), I recorded a dnb track from a German radio station (Einslive). Till today I can't figure out what it's called. Right now I can't even find de cassette anymore. I'll try to describe the track.

Obvious feature is a watery, bubbly string/synth sound, which sounds like it has been recorded under water.
There is a female vocal with a slow, almost hypnotical melody. Some passages I can recall in random order: "....come near the cross" "your conciousness goes eh eh eh eh eh" "When you get through.. I feel it too". I'm not sure if this is exactly what she's singing though.
The beat is dnb of course, the beginning has a snare sample that holds for a few seconds, till the beat continues. Later in the track it has a more regular dnb beat.

I'm afraid that's all the hints I can give.

Who can help?