Looking for people who want to make track together (Liquid, melodic drum and bass)

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    Hello to everyone.

    Who am I and what I want to to?

    My name is Rimantas (John Wood) from Lithuania. At the moment I'm studying and working. It's quite simple and funny to realize that only then you live :) I finished musical school in 2006 and I can play piano, guitar, flute, harmonica. Also, sing. It's easy for me to found harmony or make melody. I want to make Drum and Bass songs with another people (because maybe it's opportunity to make something more better if we adapt our different knowledge of creating.

    What about Drum and Bass and DJ'ing?

    I'm keen on drum sounds, especially liquid, more simple, with melodies. I tried to make some with FL studio. And I made it :) Maybe not all of them fully finished and structured. (at the end I will write down my soundcloud for checking)
    So at the moment I know my weak and strong sides of creating music. Its not new thing to play music at clubs, I made it for two times in Lithuania. By the way, in known clubs.

    What I want to make with drum and bass?

    I made short set of music that I want to create http://soundcloud.com/johnwoody/john-wood-vadinsiu-tave
    Some of them used sounds like chiptune. Chiptune ROCKS! There are not quality dnb tracks with chiptune and I want to make it.

    I am offering my knowledge of creating harmony, melody, music (maybe vocals), this time with chiptune (I have some free vst plugins)
    To your knowledge of making structure and rhytm of dnb song.

    If you're interested in this, maybe you can contact me via messages? I hope that we will find what talk about.

    My contacts:
    You can write PM, or messages via Soundcloud.
    Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/johnwoody (listen my created songs)
    (I prefer using Facebook)

    Have a nice day ;)