Looking for heads who like it darker!!!!!

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    Jul 23, 2006
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    Basicly i run along with some friends www.twistedbeats.com which then breaks down in to a online radio station(twistedfrequency), a club night(twistedsessions), online label(twistednoize) and our new project TWISTEDKNOWLEGDE which will be made public real soon.

    So far we've teamed up with Knowlegde magazine and AUTOPSY club night to bring you live streams from on the night.

    We now want to try and collab with other promoters to run nights with or even just to stream live from there nights. Our nights have so far seen the likes of unknown error, donny and lethal play for us. We're also playing a european tour next year with france and germany dates already comfirmed!!!

    Find more dj's to do live shows on our radio or use for our club nights.

    Producers for release's on the label which if it goes to plan will see vinyl release's.

    Designers to do art work for flyers and record sleeves plus a few other bits.

    so if your interested them please contact me and we see what we can do.