Looking for fairly experienced producers to collab


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Nov 16, 2008
Hey guys,

I have a lot of projects and ideas that I think are worthy of making into full tracks and finishing but struggle a little with time, I'm doing what I can but always interested in collabing.

I use Presonus Studio one but have collabd using wavs in the past and it can work if parts aren't bounced too many times... can cross that bridge when it comes to it and I'm sure people have done this before anyway.


This is my soundcloud, there's some rough parts on there as well as finished tracks. Anyways if you're interested hit me up and I'll see if we can work on something :)

P.s I'm not really into heavy/neuro tracks and have next to no experience making it.... I'm much more into minimal/liquid influenced tracks. I'm open to genres although dnb will always be my main interest :)


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Apr 4, 2013
Manchester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
I'd have loved to express interest here as we tend to flit between liquid and neuro quite often, however now is quite a bad time as I'm about to have to give up my studio for the time being. The venue I'm in is closing down and I'm about to apply for a career change job so it's a bit hard to commit to anything or have the proper work space I'm used to. I like your music though and enjoy working with vocals.

Here's an older one of ours that's got a more liquid feel to it.
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