Looking for DnB DJ's in Leeds


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Hi everyone!

Im currently looking for resident DJ's for a DnB night we are launching in September 2013 in Leeds.
The night will be at TheWarehouse on Wednesday nights, so a chance to play to a big, energetic crowd!
We want to work close with the DJ's to grow with the night and help you guys get a name for yourself.
Each week will be advertised of course.

Primarily we are after two DnB DJ's, and for the second room two Rnb and Hip Hop DJ's. Although we are open to other genres for the second room. So even if your not just a DnB DJ send us your stuff !
Were hoping for energetic people, previously experienced if possible and of course people who love to DJ and can get a crowed pumped!

If you don't have the time to be a resident DJ for us, we will be accepting people to come however much as possible, we hope to create a network of DnB DJ's and promote the genre in the fantastic city of Leeds!

Were after a 45min demo mix from anyone that is interested in getting involved.
We will get back to you as soon as possible with further information.
If you have any friends who live in the Leeds are who you think may be interested please show them this message!

Feel free to email me on locationevents@hotmail.com or you can contact me on 07766163692.

Tom Stafford