Looking for a Tutorial on a certain bassline

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    I'm looking for a tutorial on a certain bassline line.
    It's a sort of reese but a clean one, one you could use in a liquid track for example.


    Thanks in advance!
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    It detuned soemthings(saws, Sines, Squares) low passed.

    Check out Sub Focus tutorial from CM on youtube, he explains how he makes a similar thing with Sine Waves, for the older style clean reese bass. Then experiment with the waveforms. The above sounds to me like it has square waves in it, but I am still trying to pick up this stuff myself, so experiment a little with the waveforms, till you find it, or make something cool that you like :) One thing about that bass is it sounds like it also has a LFO on the Cutoff, moving quite quickly, maybe 1/2 or 1/3, giving the wobbly sound.

    Also have a search for Liquid Bass, should be some nice posts on how to layer the Oscillators(one is so many semi tones up to give it that liquid feel, cant remember of the top of my head how many it is.)
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