Looking for a song name.


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Dec 9, 2008
Hi everyone, Ive heard and seen a cool song with a video clip but cant remember the name :(

The video was computer made, with 4 or 5 hovering, alien or robot type somethings with human faces, racing in a tunnel or something

Later the eyes of one were used as front lights (as of a car) and he was seeing other people in it.

At the end of the video clip the human male jumped out of the hover thing or something like that.

I bet someone knows which video I mean.

Thx for reply


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Aug 17, 2008
What do you expect, you come on here (DNBFORUM) to ask for a track ID but you don't describe the song or anything, just a few vague points about the video.

And then it turns out the track isn't even D&B but some putrid P.Oakenfold turd. Thanks for wasting my life. BB.
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