Looking for a pendulum remix


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Aug 28, 2008
I know pendulum are snarled at for being a 'sell out' but they've made a remix of Requiem for a dream and i'm looking for it for a project i'm doing.


Theres the youtube link, i was wondering if anyone knew where its available, eithier mp3 download or cd or vinyl. Any means possible.

Thanks for your time.

I should point out the remix could actually not be done by them, it could of been someone else, but it appeared on the "Part of the Pendulum - Fatal Messarosh" set if the youtube video is anything to go by.

Turns out i'm a retard who doesn't read the youtube comments. Turns out its Unknown Error - Shadows

Sorry for wasting your time.
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Sep 22, 2007
type in kissyoutube on google, that allows you to download the youtube video, then use an mp3 convrter to convert to an mp3 file


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Jul 16, 2008
this isnt pendulum mate, its Unknown Error, the track is called 'Shadows'.
Pendulum couldnt produce this, even when they were good this tune pisses all over them
one of the comments

I didn't think it sounded like pendulum
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