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About a week ago my son and I needed to play some serious wii u. However, I did not want to listen to shitty nintendo music, so I happen to go to [MENTION=97126]Crizis[/MENTION] sc page and just listen(Delta DnB). Something I encourage everybody to do from time to time. Go to someone that is not you sc page and listen passively or actively. I personally enjoyed my experience and truly enjoyed deltas music.
Anyway this is the first track up on his page.
It has an old school feeling with it mixed with an aphrodite bounce. In fact a lot of his tracks do. What I like most about Delta just turning on his page was the well mixed and relaxed vibe his songs in general produce. I would implore anybody who smokes weed or likes reggae to turn on his page and just listen for fucks sake.

I personally think I am going to go to somebodies webpage every once in awhile and write an in general review on your music as whole. I welcome anybody to do the same and post your comments about Delta DnB here.

Its good to listen to music.


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Nice, I've been doing the same thing too recently. (well, not so much the giving feedback bit, but I do like that idea.)
Its been nice to just listen to what other people are up to and hear other peoples styles. In the past I've pretty much ignored links in peoples forum signatures and that kind of thing, assuming i'm just going to be hearing massive presets and vengeance samples and shitty modern edm style builds and drops. That definitely is the case sometimes, but there are lot of people who are sticking true to the sound and its awesome to hear.
Its too easy to get consumed by your own self interest sometimes, so i've found it nice to take a step back and open up my ears.
I often find it more gratifying than listening to listening to what the pros are up to, a lot of them have forgotten their roots, but we are keeping old school!


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It has an old school feeling with it mixed with an aphrodite bounce.
Ffs that's a nice comment... Thanks alot mate! Appreciate this alot. And it's kinda the vibe I want to get, so I guess I'm doing allright :)
But seriously, never expected this, big up Ivan
I'm trying to put more stuff on there, one track is in the ending fase, so I'll try to put one more up today or tomorrow

One the other subject, that's a pretty great idea. I recently picked up gaming again, and usually I just put on a mix from myself and listen to those. But I will definitely try this, just go on a page and press play.

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I totally dont do enough of this (listening to other peoples music) and yes a pleasant surprise with this song i love how its changed from the WIP all muddy to proper clean and nicely arranged. Good idea Ivan i might post some friends stuff myself.