Long time dj / general dnb lover checking in!


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Hey guys and gals, what's cracking?

Thought I'd introduce myself as for some reason I've never signed up here! (Shocking behaviour I know)

Go by the name of mase, currently living in Hampshire, been mixing for going on 10 years now! Taught myself to mix on a ropy old set of numark belt drive tables back in college, now more into the cdj side of things. Never really put the time into going pro but have played in a few major places, cafe de Paris and turnmills in London, motion in Bristol, a few smaller places around Northampton, Telford and clubs / bars local to me, have even played gigs at ultimate street car and modified nationals for those of you also into cars!

Now I'm just producing the occasional mix as more of a hobby! Only mini half hour jobbies at the moment, but do have some hour long sessions to upload when I'm not bein too cheap to pay for hosting!

http://soundcloud.com/djmase by no means top level professional standard but id like to think I hold my own.

Feedback and opinions always welcome!



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welcome buddy, and if you can post some clickable streamuing links either in this thread or under production forum/new talent, id love to check it out. only had positive surprises doing that today