Long live beautifully crafted Jungle

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    A little Facebook group for all the breakbeat fanatics out there to share and talk about jungle/dnb music new and old. Started about a year ago by a mate of mine and it has grown to nearly 700 members! We've just started a mix series with me offering the first effort and knowing there is some wicked DJ's on here, we would like to get them involved at some point too!

    So if you have Facebook, check it out:


    If not, you can still follow us on Soundcloud with mixes coming regularly


    ...and the mix if you fancy a listen:

    DJ Crystl - Sweet Dreams
    Voyager - Voyager
    Peshay - The Real Thing
    Funky Technicians - Airtight (Remix)
    Code Blue - Angels In Dub (DJ Crystl Remix)
    Aquasky - Dezires
    Atlas - Second Heaven
    T Power - Octagon
    PFM - The Mystics
    Krust - Brief Encounter
    Soundman & Don Lloydie - Greater Love (Grooverider Remix)
    Doc Scott - Far Away
    Atlas - Drifting Through The Galaxy
    Essence of Aura - Northern Lights
    Courtney Pine - I've Known Rivers (4 Hero Remix)