London Jungle DJs - Hear me now


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Hey Guys,

I moved over to London from Ireland bout two years ago, took me a while to get settled, didn't really know anyone when I arrived, had been DJing promoting for years in a collective. Anyway, I got myself a weekly slot on a "Bass" music radio station, I called the show Jungle 1 (can i mention the station or is that advertising?), I play a lot of Ragga Jungle, Dub, Dubwise, Dnb etc. I would like to form a collective, wouldn't have to be very big, 1 or two more people that are into the same stuff as me and are up for the craic. Think the live shows would have more energy/be more fun if there was a few of us maybe an MC too. The show is currently 1 hour could possibly make it two.

So, I live in East London, Hackney, and would be broadcasting (linked) from my flat. Any Jungle/reggae Djs out there sound interested in something like this? Message me, I can send you links to previous shows, be great to hear yer previous mixes etc.

Thought i'd give it a go anyway.