London Elektricity - Cum Dancing / Down Low - Hospital


Apr 14, 2002
As the new London Elektricity album takes shape here comes a small sample of what the Hospital crew are cooking up for us, with a release expected around March time next year if this single is a good representation of what we are to expect Im gonna be laughing all the way to the shop!!!

Come Dancing is a fresh summery groove with a stepping marching intro beat accompanied by beautiful cascading chords, dropping out to welcome a warm bass groove which rolls throughout the track, the only thing that i'm not too keen on about this tune is the fill section before the second drop which doesn't seem to be quite inkeeping with the rest of the track.

Down Low was a very pleasent surprise for me as I usually feel slightly let down by Hospital B sides in comparison to theirconsistently quality A's, especially after flipping over my copy of the recent excellent Part Of Me from the masterful Klute to find nought but an instrumental. Down Low is equal to it's flipside partner in crime in every way. Led by a strong and exquisite male vocal accompanied by more warm chords and skipping beats.

An excellent 12. Lookin forward to the LP next year. London Elektricity on fire

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Nov 29, 2001
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Re: Re: London Elektricity - Cum Dancing / Down Low - Hospital

Originally posted by Caution
Still waiting for my copy of this.........

I think my postie has been signed off work with depression again....



Someone had hidden it from me in my house.

Sincerest apologies to British Mail for disrespecting one of their finest, heh.
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