Drum & Bass LoKo - Bassline Secret / Shadows [ProgRAM]


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Just one listen to ‘Bassline Secret’ and you’ll understand why Andy C has thrown his weight behind it. At once a grinding slice of modern drum & bass with a heavy nod to the nostalgic days of the Prototype Years, this is an undeniably fresh take on a classic sound. Skipping breakbeats and grinding bassline combinations sit effortlessly in the mix with each sound playing its part without overpowering the others. Here LoKo has achieved a fine balance that will make ‘Bassline Secret’ stand out from the crowd - in the club, on your iPod or blasting out of your car as you zoom down the motorway to your next D&B night!
Flip over and ‘Shadows’ showcases LoKo’s production talent once again with a massive call-and-response bassline hook. Yet again the Bristol-based producer displays his ability to update a classic drum & bass sound with some modern studio techniques and some fresh ideas by subtly manipulating and progressing the interplay of the bass sounds throughout the tune. With a high level of attention to detail, this will undoubtedly find a place in plenty of DJs sets this winter and with his debut Program release LoKo has categorically proven himself as a artist to watch.
A. Bassline Secret
AA. Shadows
Release: 12th November 2012
Cat: PRGRAM004

Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/PRGRAM004

Another smashing release on ProgRAM, really feeling both of them tunes.
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