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Nov 29, 2001
Exclusive mix hosted by dnbforum, supplied by Victor @ Logistics Recordings.

This mix will only be available for one week!!

The track list

1.raskal+klone "untitled(puerto rican vip edit)" frequency rec.
2.kemal "let it move you" (tease) industry
3.utech "reset" it's unsigned and trust me this puerto rican producer is on fireeeee..
4.gridlok "untilted" be on the watch of his debut album (TUrn IN pAGeS)
5.utech "secretz(dj friction tech rmx)" logistic 002
6.universal project "vessel" (tease) virus rec.
7.bassline smith "moving target" grid rec.
8.peshay feat.cordinate "rotation" cubik
9.jarman "cenobyte" transparent e.p
10.unknown "video game" tp
11.militia "brainwash" cargo 001
12.mayhem "undertow" shadow law rec.
13.black sun empire "b'negative"b.s.e rec.2002
14.default aka.fission "courage" logistic 001 out SooN!
15.concord dawn "disturbance rmx" moving shadow
16.skinny+lynx "pitch invasion" zero g
17.terrorist "terrordome vip" (tease)
18.ram trilogy "beast man" ram rec.
19.faith in chaos "possetion(miss chaos lirycal attack)" (tease)outbreak
20.impulse+submerge "bio mechanical tube" omhz rec.
21.kaos,karl k+siren "rush" bbs rec. out nowwwwww but it!!
22.dylan+loxy "fuxage" unknown
23.friction "shockwave" c.i.a 2002
24.mosquito "confusion" square one rec.

The link

Click here to download (108Mb 192Kbit MP3)

Forthcoming Logistics Recordings information

a.utech "secretz"
b.default aka.fission "courage"

a.utech "secretz(dj friction tech rmx)"
b.infiltrata "vanilla sky"

a.default aka.fission"courage(rascal+klone energy rmx)"
b.concord dawn "guardian angel(new edit)"

a.gridlok "skies are grey"
b.vector burn "force my hand (new edit)"

a.fx "o-bone" wicked brasilian bizness!!
b.stare+phibbs (tbc)

Boh ;]


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Sep 30, 2002
Hey, can you bring it back???
It`s wikkid mix, but I found it too late, it was off already...

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