DnB Logikz & Splinter - Hole Punch

i found the amens really distracting

you really gotta get creative with that break (or be a sick drum programmer) in order to do anything new with it, right now it sounds like you've just pitched it up

intro was really good though
wheres your sub peaking? id bitcrush it, stick it on 50hz and run it through flux bittersweet 2 twice to fatten it out
I like those cymbals and crashes in the drums, but the quiet pieces in between seem a bit out of place. If you want to create this kind of groove with the silent parts make them at least somewhat longer so that it doesn't feel like an error on the tape. Also for me the bass sounds a bit too loud. Well rather, improperly EQ'ed. The boxy parts are really loud while the subtle sub falls away under it (or under any kind of compression).

The intro, however, is great! Really digging that drum work there with the inverted breaks and all. Very smooth! :)
oh my god you finished hole punch?!! this i have to hear

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so you did, so you did. thats pretty dope i have to say. bit surprised an amen tune was what you got from the original considering how much original material was in there. haha hole punch was such a disaster. but as it stands its a badman amen tune i quite like what youve done with it and for anyone wondering thats the terrorist amen haha. we were working on a computer with a broken internal soundcard (internal as in it was on the motherboard) so we had to sample from mp3s or the sound would be destroyed by this big wall of digital noise. its funny to hear this again.

billy whats happnin are we having sessions or what? with the lads gone until spring we can have sessions and get a lot of work done. pick up your phone fool.
thanks for the reply peepz, regardless of the outcome we had fun making it
taking its origin and (as Logikz states) the hardware environment's state we couldve done a lot worse innit.

yo pickles, we spoke we on for saturday ay? freeze the jager n run di riddim, irie dub
fletch you call me when you hit town, ill take you to a little place i know and we drink and speak of other things. neddz you shout when youre in town, i got a guy with some killer yay i can hook you up with.
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