Loggin on from borin office job

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Sup crew!

    First wanna say it looks like a cool thing you got here. Big up everyone involved!

    I first got into DnB listenin to my bros old tape-packs from stuff like accelerated culture and sidewinder(97-2003ish). Im 21 and now I love a jump-up night, though still love brockin out to the old era stuff! I'm an office boy by day abiding by all the rules then by night-well I dont need to tellya the rest do I! One thing I've always found hard is balancing the raving with training/work/relationships you know just life stuff in general. As a result I'll prob only make half a dozen raves this year or so(defo INNO in the sun & dam). I used to play poker fulltime online for a living(for 2-3 years) made a shit load and spunked a shit load(regretably). Just started playing again recently after work and on weekends to supplement my income.

    I'm looking at getting into DJing/production(that is mixing/making tunes right?) when I got my own place and the cash to do so. If anyone here is kinda a keen poker player I'd be willing to swap coaching for tips/advice on what kit to get and how to actually use it properly-particularly interested in how to actually make tunes from scratch.

    Anyway nice to be part of the DnB forum/culture and let DnB live on!