locked, loaded, reloaded the show's just exploded

Sub-Bass thursday 01/09/2005 with Revere @ 10pm (GMT) till 12 midnight !

on this joyus weekly occassion we will be celebrating such artists as Kiko, Pendulum, Fresh, Klute, Marcus Intalex, Commix, Prolix + others with labels like DOA, Ohm Resistance, MetalHeadz, Breakbeat Kaos, Research Records + others !

Be sure to get locked as the show is gonna be a stormer for all you headz at home !

get locked at


windows media player link now available for your listening pleasure + winamp stream also available (real player to come soon)

p.s remember to hit the forum and get registered so you can access all sorts of goodies to listen to and shit to read about plus there will be a chat thread for the show for you to post your thoughtts on and chat available as well