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I have this completely irrational guy who wont leave me alone til i go to his party... I have been to the same DNB party about 2 years ago at the same venue on the same night... and I didn't like it then... i havent changed must as far as my idea of a good time.. But he wont let it go..

I am called a "hater" becuase i dont like parties in Downtown.. Muchless downtown Mickey Mouse land (orlando)....

Here are a few clips of our conversation (names changes to protect hmmmm)..

namemale: ok every dnb dj/producer in the world wants to play there and most have

?Question #1.... So do any of you know about Torque in Orlando... on LOL Monday night?

Me: no drunk sweaty guys drinking crown n something downtown is not my idea of a good time

Namemale: every big name in dnb has played there plus all the locals and regional dj's and it's a main stop for all u.k. dnb dj's

?Question.... See question #1

After much arguing I state "you will never convince me i have been elsewhere and it is big..and your party is not my idea of a good time... I DO NOT LIKE DOWNTOWN.."

Namemale: it's one of the best dnb weeklies int he country and it has alot of support from all over torque is the dnb scene has nothing to do with down town /break/ torque has become a main place for dnb in the usa


You would think being in the MIDDLE of downtown mickey mouse land it would have something to do with downtown..

?Question NO FREAKING way Mickey Mouse land has the best DNB... So is it true?

namemale: ok every dnb dj/producer in the world wants to play there /break/ no other city in this state can keep a dnb weekly going

Well Imagine that we are run by a Giant mouse and a Bush...

Me: and that is only fl... you cant hype and event with false hopes or peeps will be dissapointed... if you took any party girl from any large city in the us they would be like man this is good music but where the hell am i... i cant tell if it is a college hump party or backstreet opening event... im telling you it is not my idea of a good time.... is that not allowed? no penis no opinion type thing?

Then he asked me do you know who planet of the drums is... like im a dumb ass.. i was in the process of talking to someone else so i didnt respond immediatley and he assumes im looking it up..

namemale: i mean anyone that claims to be a dnb fan and doesn't know planet of the drums is clearly not a dnb fan at all to make a scene strong it take support from the people that love the music your not one of those people

me: you might want to be a little less egotistical and consider that i might be talking to someone other than you so i cant jump at the chance to respond to your im

WOW direct judgement about my musical taste cause i dont like to go downtown could this get any better?

namemale: all i'm saying is that if you were really a dnb fan and you loved the music you would come out and support it takes the paople to make a scene and we have a really strong dnb scene here and it's becasue of support from the people that really love this music

me: it takes me draggin mah ass downtown paying a cover pay for over priced drinks to make a scene? i can't support by buying a cd and playing it in my car? i can't support telling my friend this is a good fucking song here trade me this cd? should i continue?

namemale: what other city has a better dnb scene.... /break... i name atl nyc and la back in/
and atl is no better... they can't even keep a weekly going...nyc is good but not better...

You area ll asking did he really say that?? Yes yes it is true..

?Question... PLEASE ONLY GOD REPLY God, please tell me there is better DNB outside of Cheese land?

Then he claims he is friend with EVERY ATL and NYC promoter... and they cant really be promoters cause according to him there is no steady party..

me: really?all of them well you must be on top of the world.. whens the world tour?

Blah blah.. Then he claims he knows whats going on in every major city and that Orlando is the best... "sure there are lots of dnb events around the coutry all i'm saying is the torque is one of the best"

me: base on YOUR opinion which is not my opinion.

here is a chunk of dialogue check out this bad promoter.. name calling his potential customers

namemale: if your a real dnb fan you would support your lacal scene and not hate on it

namemale: no based on andy c\

me: i am supporting..
me: im buying a cd right now

namemale: the #1 dnb dj in the world
me: i ve done my part

me: based on andy C?
namemale: based on ak1200. dara, diesil boy

me: based on their opinion?
me: just cause you pay them to play dosent
make you the best

namemale: based on klute, ed rush, optical, rumtyme

namemale: no i talk with them one to one
me: they needed money so they played an event imagine that!!!!

namemale: ak happens to be a good friend of mine and he plays everywhere

namemale: your a hater
namemale: there is a song about people like you ya know

me: ok so they couldn't be lying to avoid bad conversations like this one?
me: "people like me"

namemale: it goes " i see some haters hater hater"
me: who is not judging? thats bad promotions by the way

Then he turns in to a 13 yr old kid with comments like "torque sucks your 100% right" "i wouldn't wish that on anyone"

me: are you 13? really? or are you conservative and no one is allowed to think on their own? no one is allowed to have an opinion?

*** this is my favorite!!!!!
namemale: you can think what you want but your not a dnb fan

me: fu** off im not giving money to someone who judges me based on the fact that i dont like downtown i dont wanna be part of your dnb "click" anyways.... just cause i dont like downtown im not a fan? I'm buying a cd right now..

namemale: so where is this dnb scene you speak of if not a torque?

me: there is a scene just cause it dosent go downtown dosent mean it dont exist..

namemale: i'm glad you listen to dnb at home
but to make a snene people have to support
dj's have to play out and get paid records have to get bought or else there would be no music for you to listen to at home
me: i support by BUYING cd;'s? is that not support? sorry for not funding you after you called me names.. not true

namemale: there is not that much dnb on cd's
a very small amount

me: also not true DNB is behind every rap or rnb or hip hop song you ever heard so dont give me that bullshit

me: i think torque is lame... to me it is lame.. i have an opinion and a pussy.. deal with it

end finally...

So am i way off base here? do we have to have events to be alive, to communicate, to listen to music and enjoy it??

Do we have to involve ourselves in "downtown" with the high cover charge and over priced drinks?

Do we really have to go hang out in a club with drunk guys hitting on you all the time?

Or can we have other things besides Downtown Mickey Land and still not be "haters"

Can we have an internet community and goodfucking music with out all the bullshit?

Am I not a supporter? i have tons of CD's

Thanks for your help... I am questiong my DNB Faith lately..
If you don't like the club scene why not check out the outdoor rave scene, people tend to be less drunk and generally nicer and happier.
Clubs are great, especially if a top DJ is coming, but outdoors is a lot more fun.

That guys was amazingly full of shit, i'm wondering why you would worry enough about him to post.


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Hey dont get disillusioned, fuck him ... what sayber said. anyway its all you, no one can take this music from you and you can check out different type events, and think whatever you want. Fuck that guy and all ... yeh we can have an internet community but dont forget this music is about getting kerazee on the dancefloor ultimately so keep doing that.
and shit, that was a very long post. were you like, wired?


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Thanks for the support..
I was kinda wired last night..
I couldn't sleep it was weird...
wired weird wired weird wired weird...

i bothered to post cause He needs a slap in the face along with a reality check... He thinks he is man and that i should bitch up and fall into his trap... He was becoming a little convincing so i needed some support from the Real DNB Fans like my self who do not hate on people cause they choose not to go out on Monday to a downtown Club..

This guys claims to be a good dj too and not to piss anyone off but he isn't.. I threw his demo out my car window like 2 years ago 15 min after i got it...

DL something of his from like soulseek Stero Storm Trooper his name....
after dl you will need to reformat your computer it is that bad....

I dont know if any of you are fimilar with the Central FL scene alot of people seem to think that it is amazing, but it is lacking.. The time has passed here for parties... So many laws and old people.. Promters only throw events downtown now... We actually have an anti-dance ordinance.. Any place where there is dancing cannot be open after 3 regardless of liquor sales... people tried to throw forest parties and stuff like that... but like 50% of those going never made it to party and got lost in the ocala national forest... Bad news!
Since the laws they tried ot organize stuff like raverday at disney or stuff like that... but where is the music... you mean i have to carry around a boom box in this heat?

So where's the party guys?
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Kitty Smitten you need to get your arse over the water to us in UK & rinse it out proper at some of the clubnights we got going on!! Why don't you hire a van buy a soundsystem & steal this guys decks & records so you can party in the fields that are around you!! :miss_rep: