Lobotomy 3rd Bday 30/05/09 (JAHBA/EDCOX/STIVS/CIVIL UNREST)


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>> Lobotomy 3rd Birthday <<

Room 1 powered by Funktion One

JAHBA (Mos-Hi Records/Kriss Records/Life4land)
ED COX (Life4land)
STIVS (Life4land/Death$ucker)
DJ KUSS (UDS/Lobotomy)
MARK C (UDS/Lobotomy)
I.R.GOON (UDS/Lobotomy/Rubberdub)

Room 2 powered by URBAN DEKAY
(Techno/Hard Techno/Hard Tek/Gabba)

DJ PSEUDONYM & DR WEEVIL (Desert Storm/Capsule Corp/Kaotek/Gangsta Hertz)
GILDORF (Lobotomy)
MUGWUMP (UDS/Lobotomy/Rubberdub)
DILK&AXEMAN (Lobotomy/RigorMortis)

Room 3

I DREAD (RigbeeDeep)
CHUMPALOT (Laughing Room)
LUNCHOUT (Laughing Room)
RASTAFAIRY (Laughing Room/Avalaf)
I.R.GOON (Goon Show)

Howdy Brain donors, Lobotomy is back after a big old break to celebrate its 3rd Birthday!

JAHBA is back having fled the states in search of a better life...poor guy ended up in Nottingham so come and show your support!

Accordian wielding Clown man ED COX also returns for more dance music tomfoolery,(keep your daughters and livestock away for this one!)
We also welcome FreeParty bassline criminal STIVS for his Lobotomy debut! With releases on Life4land and more recently Bristol label Deathsucker, Stivs reputation as a talented ragga-influenced musician is growing all the time. Get your skanking boots on for this one people!

Headlining the Techno/Gabba room is legendary desert storm artist DJ PSEUDONYM and UK DMC finalist DR WEEVIL, who make up the notorious CIVIL UNREST duo. Hard, Fast and downright dirty. Not to be missed!

Also headlining is talented free party producer MATTYKORE who has releases on Life4land and links to notorious Bristol soundsystem DMT.
His original style mixes Driving Tekno, Hard Tek and experimental Hardcore.Look out for his latest release 'Its a pity' on SINISTRO with Elymuff!

The theme for this event is leisurewear (the chattier the better), Wigs and cheap bling! Visual projections by DAYTIME TELEVISUALS! Live GRAFFITI & Free Cd for the first 50 through the door! bring what you expect to find!