Loads of jump up and classic vinyl for sale!!! CHEAP

Am moving house and moving to the digital age so getting rid of a shit load of vinyl. Loads of white label/promos in there and most range from 2001 to 2008 and is mainly jump up but there is a few classics in there too. PM me if your interested in any of em or want prices and we'll sort it from there.

Sly & Pacso Ft Bassman - Very Heavy/Manga Style (Low Down Deep) (White/Promo)
Taxman & Heist - Frequency Scale/Equinox (Ganja) (White/Promo)
Clipz - Rubbish/Push It Up (Audio Zoo) (White/ Promo)
DJ Pleasure - The Grinder/unknown (K Power) (White/Promo)
Crissy Criss - Us/Rat Patrol (Mix & Blen') (White/Promo)
DS & SBS - The Odyssey/Body Movin (Prototype)
State Of Mind - Devil Eyes/Dread Rock (Technique)
Trevelyan & Icarus - Fruit X/Lion Dub (Undiluted)
Nicol & Majistrate - Psycosis/Upside Down (Bingo) (White/Promo)
Benny Page Ft Spyda - Battlefield/Cant Test (Digital Soundbwoy)
TC - Evolution LP 4x12" (D Style)
Jakes - Warface (D*Mids Remix)/TC - All About (D Style) (White/Promo)
D*Minds & Hazard - Ho Bass/D*Minds - Ghost Town (D Style) (White/Promo)
Original Sin Ft Charlie Jones - Love Games/Ohm (Propaganda) (White/Promo)
Original Sin - Dont Be Silly/Cheater Cheater (Ganja)
Twisted Individual - Hand Grenade/Clipz Remix (Grid)
Dillinja - 96 Thing/Electro Boogie (Valve)
Jaydan - What U Want/Pleasure - Stingray (Smokin Riddims)
Roni Size - Playtime/Eat My Shorts (Full Cycle)
Clipz - Download/Get Down (Audio Zoo)
Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (Chase & Status Remix)
Twisted Individual - Sinking Ship/Slam Dunk (Mutated Forms Remix) (Zombie) (White/Promo)
Freestylers Ft Pendulum - Painkiller (Noisia Remix) (Against The Grain)
Wickaman & Hoodlum - Stomper/Seville (Infared)
Jaydan - Party Line/(G Dub Remix) (Blueprint)
Firefox - Full Contact/Trinity - Shit Bag (Chronic)
Tommy Boy (TC) - Back Up/Level Headed (Stereotype)
Connecta & TG - Party Is Over/Run Da Track (White/Promo) **Rare**
Luniz - I got 5 On It (Urban Takeover Remix/Aphrodite Remix)
M-Beat Ft Genral Levy - Incredible/Sweet Love (Renk) **Rare**
Jaimeson - Complete
Shy FX & T Power Ft Di & Skibadee - Dont Wanna Know
DJ Fresh - Submarines (Original/Pendulum Remix) (BBK)
Tali - Lyric On My Lip (Roni Size Mix) (White/Promo)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - In & Out/Street Level Funk (Worldwide Audio) (White/Promo)
Dubplate Killaz EP 2: Hazard - Its Here/Hype - No One/Pascal & Monty - Dub Fe Dub/Potential Badboy - Sun Is Shining Bright
Dubplate Killaz EP 3: Hype - You Must Think First (shimon Remix)/Hazard - Real Shit/Potential Badboy Ft MC Det - Crowd Says Reload/Hazard - Human Mind
Audio - Paper Street/Darko (G2)
JB & Spice - The Basher/Shine (Back2Basics)
Friction & K-Tee - Let Loose/Bad Move (Shogun Audio)
The Force - War Games/Dub 2 Africa (Stereotype)
Auxillary One - Broken n Twisted (Skyver & Jon D Remix) (Technique) (White/Promo)
G Dub - Forum Fannies/Midnight (Propaganda)
J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World (Original/Brookes Bros Remix/EZ Rollers Remix) (Data)
Taxman - Scan Darker/Badboy Danger (ganja) (White/Promo)
Bungle - Resized (G Dub Remix) (C.I.A.)
Hazard - Busted/0121 (Picture Disc) (Ganja)
Street Technique LP - Roni Size - Friends/Phetsta - Integalactic/DS & SBS - Skumbag/DS & SBS - Judgement Day (Technique)
Ebony Dubs - Wolf (Dillinja Remix) (Ebony Dubz)
Bcee & Lomax - Lifelines (Nightwalker Remix) (Spearhead)
Dillinja - Feel My Pain/In The Grind VIP (Valve)
High Contrast - Basement Track (Hospital)
Basement Jaxx Ft Dizzee Rascal - Lucky Star (Dillinja Remixes)
Danny C - Happy Hour (DS & SBS Remix) (V Recs)
Capital J - Evil Streets/Kryptic Minds - Metal Gear (Sappo Remix)
EZ Rollers - Crown Rocker (Distorted Minds Remix)
Marky & XRS - LK (Roni Size & Die Remix)
DJ Wildchild - Forbidden (DS & SBS Remix)
Phantasy & Shodan Ft UK Apache - Gimmie Da Gal (Ganja)
Kryptic Minds - The Truth/Devils Path (Frequency)
Fast Lane 2 4x12" LP: Baron - Final Answer/Supply & Demand - Shifting Gears (Zen Remix)/DS & SBS - A Pole Dancer Called Eternity/Unicron - Orions Five/Special K - Danger (G Dub Remix)/TK - Inspector Gadget/Psychosis - Freefall (D*Minds Remix)/Visionary - Nation 2 Nation (TOV)
DJ Spice - Piano Track/The Sound (Back2Basics)
Nightwalker - Romper Stomper/Hacker (Signal)
Dillinja - Live Or Die/South Manz (Valve)
Friction & Baron - Butt Ugly Martians/Hanger Lane (Shogun Audio)
Junglesound 4x12" LP: Pendulum - Masochist/Adam F & TKO - Cirlce VIP 2000/Adam F & TKO - Hear My Voice/Fresh Living Daylights/Fresh & Pendulum - Kingston Vampires/Future Prophecies - Dreadlock/Dillinja - You Cant Touch
DS & SBS Valley Of The Kings EP - Newsflash/Evolution/Without You/Underworld (Technique)
Rawhill Cru - Mo Fire (Original/Fresh & Andy C Remix)
Shodan - Gangsta 05/ Taliban Yoda (TOV)
Reformatted EP: Nero - Dick Tracey/ SMOKE - Secret Weapon/Rawtee - Too Much Wine/G Dub - Decoded (Reformed)
Phantasy, Mayhem & Gurley - How It Is (G Dub Remix)/Weva - Show Stoppa) (Easy)
Shy FX & T Power - Shake Ur Body (Positiva)
DJ Hazard & D.Lo - Right Now (Original & VIP Mix) (Public Demand)
DJ Hazard - Hedz Must Roll/Dee3Dee - Change Of Plan (R Sound)
Twisted Individual & JB & Spice - Basket Case/Serpents (Grid)
D*Minds & TC Ft Foxy - Fire In The Hole/Revolution (TC Remix) (D Style)
Adam F Ft Redman - Smash Sumthin (Roni Size Remix/Bad Company Remix) (Kaos)
Fresh - Capture The Flag/Twister (Ram)
Chronic EP: Ghost - Missdirection/Glangler. Surge - Square Wave/Movin On.
D*Minds - Old Times/No Test (Ganja)
Future Sounds Of Papa New Guinea (Wickman Remix)
Twisted Indivdual - Bandwagon Blues/Does What It Says On The Tin (Formation
Subfocus - Airplane/Flamenco (Ram) (Picture Disc)
Clipz - Hold Tight/Kung Fu (Full Cycle)
Phantasy & Shodan - No Liars (D*Minds Remix)/Atomic Age (Probe & Sylo Remix) (Easy)
Heist - Bollie (Twisted Individual Remix) (White/Promo)
DJ SS - Lighter (Twisted Individual 2001 Remix/DJ SS 1999 Remix) (formation)
Ebony Dubs - Ritual/Number One (Ebony Dubz)
Zen - After Party/Time Crisis (Reformed)
D*Minds - T-10/Tenth Planet (Kaos)
D*Minds - T-10 (Dillinja Remix/Clipz VIP Remix) (Kaos)
Hazard Ready 4 This EP: Ready 4 This/Nothing Special/Enuff Iz Enuff/Hold It
Hazard No More Games EP: Rubber Chicken/Evac Q 8/No More Games/Power Up
Peundulum - Another Planet/Voyager (BBK)
DJ Zinc - Ska (Remix)/Fruitella (True Playaz)
Roni Size - Out Of Breath Ft Rahzel/Shoulder to Shoulder Ft Die & Hollie G **Rare** (V Recs)
Dillinja - All The Things/Forsaken Dreams (Valve)
Futurebound & Jaquan - Blind Cobblers Thumb/Pied Piper (Viper)
D*Minds Ft Foxy & Eksman - We Cant Stop (D Style)
John B - Blandwagon Poos (White/Promo)
Amerie - 1 Thing (TC Tearout Remix)
David Carbone Ft MC Jakes - Dum Dum (industry)
Shy FX - The Message (White/Promo) **Very Rare**
Juju - Manimal/Jinx
Ray Keith Vintage Dread 2000 5x 12" LP: Renegade Terrorist/You Got Me Burning Up/ Chopper (Shy FX Remix)/Chopper (Original Mix)/Sing Time/Babylon 5/Funky Worm/Chasing Shadows/Londons Most Wanted
Roni Size - Scrambled Eggs/Swings & Roundabouts (Full Cycle)
Un-Cut - Midnight (Orignal/Mist VIP)
The Dynamic Duo - Sounds Of The Wickedness/Come On (Joker)
Brockie & Ed Solo - Echo Box/Mars (True Playaz)
Deep Blue - Helicopter Tune/Thursday (Movin Shadow)
Roni Size - Sound Advise (EZ Rollers Remix)/Forget Me Knots (Bailey Remix) (Full Cycle)
I Kamanchi (Die & Krust) - Circus/Ultimate

did not realise how long that would take me when i started!


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very very very very very very intrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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