Living Inside The Speaker (Bristol Dubstep Documentary)


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Jun 15, 2007
madboy2323 said:
Hi there,

I made the film Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene) with my mate mark a couple of years ago, I have now decided to put a divx version up for download for free at Hope you enjoy it. If you get a no download link delete the address so it looks exactly like or watch online at‏

Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene)

Dubstep is the newest musical genre to come out of the UK and is quietly gaining popularity all other the UK with its heavy, heavy bass lines and spaced out sound. The scene is particularly strong in London, but Bristol is often classed as Dubstep’s second city. This film goes into the underbelly of the Dubstep scene in Bristol and uncovers through interviews with DJ’s, promoters and punters a vibrant and growing scene. The film explains the Dubstep sound and how the Bristol scene started, highlights how producers make Dubstep tunes and plays live Dubstep sets and describes why the sound system is so important to the genre. If you are into underground music and subcultures then you cannot afford to miss this film.

The film features DJ Pinch, Peverelist, Bubonic, Atik2, Hench Crew, Kymatik, Kidkut, Blazey, Stealth, Dub Boy, Wedge, White Boi, Gutterbreaks, Elemental, Search & Destroy, Skream, Chef and the Bristol Dubstep Massive. (including many hijackers)

Also the video for pinch qwalli is on there.

Hope you like it,

Mike and Mark

Good watch
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