lively filth!


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Right i've attempted to sort out an absolute banger, with steppy dark tunes being dropped thru out, i fucking loved mixing it so hope u enjoy crankin it up as it gets deeper, nastier and our right horrible torwards the end!!!! TRACK LIST:

Nero - Act like you know

Pleasure - Wishmaster
-.the nine bad company

The force- The story

Taxman - Too Bad

Roni Size - 26 Bass

Jonny L - Back to your roots (Friction remix)

Ed Ruch Optical - Alien girl

Hazard - Killers don't die

Original sin - 8 figure bass

Friction - third degree gurns

brockie and ed solo turntable 1 bengal and ed solo remix

TC and Jakes - all about

Hazard - Mr happy

Demo and Cease- ladies night Vip

Hazard - meat bubbles

Brookes Brothers - Tear me down

Chase and status - smash tv

Spor- Some other frunk

Noisia - Diploducus

Lynx - Disco dodo

Break - splash step

Spor Molehill

Chase and status- Street life

Spor - Do not shake

Noisia - Levitation

Spor - silver spaceman

Spor - Resistance

Spor - 103 degress

Loxy, Gremlinz, Matt U, Munk & Spinline - 128 miles

Decibel - Mantra

Noisia - Crank
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