.: Live Tonight : Dirtbox Radio's 1 Yr on JT : Stamina : Higgs :.

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    Whassup y'all,

    One year ago, Dirtbox Radio joined the Jungletrain.net junglist network. We've had a lot of great experiences, and have had the opportunity to be a part of the community as it's expanded, both listener- and dj-wise. To celebrate we're bringing you yet another badass show.


    07-08pm EST - ODJ & Jerel - The hosts open up the night, cos... um... that's how we do.

    08-10pm EST - Higgs tha Mighty - Our long lost Kru brethren is back up in the studio to ream ya out a big one.

    10-12am EST - Stamina - Yeah, you can hear these guys every Monday night on JT, but they always sound better when they play here, so don't miss.

    Link it up:


    Aiiiiiiight, we'll see y'all tonight. Hit us up for shouts and whatnot.

    Jackson (ODJ)

    PS - To all the producers out there who didn't already know: write us a new dirtbox theme/intro/thingy goddammit! http://dirtboxradio.com/contest.html for more info!