live shit in dnb


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Oct 7, 2002
wa gwan...

has anyone seen this band obiediant bone on dnbarena?
there a bit metally but they got a breakbeat/bass thing goin with darrison doin the mcing for em.
they are actually ok!,i think. Although im not 100% sure cos my speakers are fuct.

i like this sort of dnb influenced live shit when its done right it can be wikkid. think reprazent , breakbeat era etc.

this got me thinkin why is there not loads more live shit in jungle

dnb needs to venture out from behind the decks and computers and take it to the stage!!! as much as i love the club environment im gettin fed up with payin 10 quid to see some faceless person hidding in the shadows. i wont more of a show for my money ..ya get me?

the best shit ive ever seen music wise is always live acts like the prodigy(a few years ago) orbital, leftfield etc etcthey were proper shows worth the money.

we got people like andy c and fresh who have got amazing talents both producing and djing as well as wikkid and unique vocalists like det skibba etc etc these people are limiting themselves they could be realy big if they would experiment more i the live shit...originality being the key word

i reckon we need a live thing in dnb but with a slightly edgier sound to that of breakbeat era etc
how about....
bad company/wu tang/iron maiden combined ? eh?....maybe not
but you get my point anyway!

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