[live mix]N-Flow vs Rhumble @ rave our souls 8-11-08 (oldskool style)


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Ez all
I finally made an account over here after a long time of lurking :)
so i decided to share a mix that was recorded at an event with ALTERN 8 , HUMAN RESOURCE , DJ NATTY & MAINFRAMe
Rhumble and i played at the jungle room our first b2b ever
we didnt prepare anything but the turnout was pretty good imo
here is the megaupload link :
and 1 from beatplexity too for you :

and the tracklists too for some oldskool enthusiasts

dj distroi & boykz : satan (flyte records)
jim polo & neil vass : energy remix ( dark horse records )
Open Skies : Ozone Nights (All Night) (Reinforced Records 1231R)
Kenetic : Street Knowledge / Sound'boy Anthem (Boogie Beat Records BOG B23T)
Rev-p : 1994 (impact)
bay b kane : healing of the nation (kikman)
Mad Ragga Jon & Stetly : Fall Down On Me (Hilltop Records 007)
Skanna : The Greatest Thing (Skanna 07)
special red : ?, (underdog)
something on bear necessity's i think gotta check to make sure tho
Wots My Code : Dubplate (The Terrorist Mixes - The Final Licks) (RK 01)
Bay-B-Kane : Hello Darkness (Remix) (Ruff Guidance Records 005)
dj spice : the groove (soapbar)
DJ Taktix : The Way (Remix) (Back 2 Basics 12007)
International Rude Boyz : The Half Step (Formation Records 12051)
Hardware : Dreamin Of You (Frontline Records 002)
Trinity : Gangsta (Philly Blunt 003)
Remarc : Menace (White House Records 044)
Syko And Mak : Rough & Dangerous (Out Yer Bass Mix) (Parliament Music 010)
¿Jet Star Records ?
charlie recall : here is my gun (section 5)
marc smith : quest for conscience (notorius vinyl)
DJ Krome & Mr Time : Ruffneck Scouts (Dextrous Re-mix) (Tearin Vinyl TEAR 1)
The Dream Team : Stamina (Joker Remixes) (Suburban Base Records 49R)
Another Dimension : Twilight Zone (Key Of Imagination Remix) (Kikman Records 014)
fallout : love me (rough tone)
Badman : War For '94 (IQ Records 006)
Marvellous Cain : Hitman (Ascend & Dead Dread Remix) (IQ Records 004R PT1)
b-side of the charlie recall here is my gun record
Lemon D : I Can't Stop (V Recordings 012)
DJ Rap : Spiritual Aura (Proper Talent 003)
Tango : Time Bomb (Formation Records 12024)
dj eruption : i need somebody (united dance)
neuromancer : pennywise ( symphony sound)
Jumping Jack Frost : Osmosis (DJ Ratty Remix) (Formation Records 12042)
Tango & Ratty : Tales From The Darkside (TR 001)
a-sides or mole the dripper on bear necessities 03
q-project : night moves (legend records)
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse : We Are The Future (Two Dreads In A Dub Mix) (Tone Def Records 019DJ)
Undercover Agent : Oh Gosh! (Juice Records 001)
dj peshay : on the warpath ( street beats)

have a listen people and comments are always appreciated


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ez guys
did any-one actually had a listen to the mix ???
curious to hear what the oldskool enthusiasts are thinking about it ??
any comments welcome good or bad !


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Got it on the Laptop m8..just 2 much music on it..will try to listen in the next couple of days.:)


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Is this actually from rave our souls @ hasselt , Belgium ?! I've had a great time there , good atmosphere in the jungle room , way better then in the big rave/techno room ! can't wait for the next ROS, on the d/l now..


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I looked up your myspace , I remember your face now.. thanks for posting this set here , there's not much going on about the belgian scene here at dnbforum..


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hi kibon
yeah ur right its the belgium event
cheers for listening !
in belgium there isnt much interest in oldskool stuff anyway :)

and been lurking way to long on this site there is some amazing stuff on here tho
anyway hope the listeners liked this set
pretty happy about how it went down we never played together so it was all unprepared
check it out
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