Live DnB/Dub-step/Nu-Jazz in Manhattan @ R Bar


Live Electronica/DnB Trio
Nov 8, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
Part of the Anti-Gravity weekly live Electronica showcase.


Named after the south-east Asian "King of Fruits," this powerful Electronica band is a boundary-buster. The three-piece group plays original music in the styles of Drum n' Bass, Nu-Jazz, Dub-step, House, and Psychedelia. Their live vibe is high-energy, intense, and often humorous, involving the audience by handing out prizes such as strange Asian candies (often Durian-flavored), pickled eggs and other off-putting somewhat edible treats. The music itself is heavy, organic, anthemic and laden with improvisation. The musicians play a network of instrument-machines, controlled not only by MIDI instruments like keyboards and pads, but also by heavily modified acoustic instruments, such as trombone, trumpet, MIDI-fied bass guitar, recorder, MIDI-fied theremin and live drums.
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