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    Good news today. (And I'm giving you homework...)

    1. New release - EDGEY vs Depth Error - Oct 31 - on Hive Records
    2. EDGEY live at Das Bunker NYC
    3. EDGEY live at Indoctrination
    4. Angina P - 8 Rooms out today, w/ remixes from EDGEY, Larvae, and Hidden

    Some links:

    Your homework assignment: Repost any part or all of this message. Preferably somewhere I haven't posted it, where it can get some fresh eyes.

    1. New release - EDGEY vs Depth Error - Oct 31 - on Hive

    E d g e y vs D e p t h E r r o r - The Abuse Technique [HIV.23]
    ยป Two immense names in the hard electronics scene bare their teeth and enter a cold concrete cell armed with sledgehammers and fists wrapped in barbed wire. This CD records the brutality as beats as hard as a brick to the teeth claw for dominance over 14 tracks of destroyed rhythms, rumbling sub bass undercurrents, and split-knuckle hammering breaks.

    One of the most prolific producers in the hard electronix scene, Edgey needs no introduction. His releases on Hands Productions, Black Monolith, DHR, and Reduced Phat showcase an impressive talent for smashing bits of industrial, breakcore, darkstep, ambient, and powernoise into a sound wholly his own. Depth Error is none other than Matt Green, UK's hardcore legend. The Depth Error project shows Matt expanding his palette to include breaks and impossibly dense sound structures coupled with deep bass swells and frenetic BPM changes. Massive and tirelessly frantic, this CD is an amazing addition to the Hive discography, and we are very pleased to bring it to the public.

    01. Edgey - Internecine Conflict
    02. Depth Error - Blind
    03. Edgey - Radial Persuasion
    04. Depth Error - Future Me
    05. Edgey - Malice Spoils
    06. Depth Error - Chaining
    07. Edgey - Suffer Rhythm
    08. Depth Error - Precious Metals
    09. Edgey - My Tactic - Vengeance
    10. Depth Error - Then Come Respect
    11. Edgey - Dust Loathe
    12. Depth Error - It's Closed
    13. Edgey - Clocks
    14. Depth Error - Uneasy Rider

    2. EDGEY live at Das Bunker NYC

    416 W 14th St. NYC, NY
    Between 9th Ave. and Washington St.
    Subway: A,C,E at 14th St; L at 8th Ave.

    3. EDGEY live at Indoctrination

    Mad EP
    The Operative
    Monstrum Sepsis
    Concrete Cookie + The Dog (Mash-Up Sound Systems)
    Prometheus Burning
    Antigen Shift
    Victo Ecret

    @ SPOT 6

    3343 N. Clark St.
    Chicago IL

    4. Angina P - 8 Rooms out today, w/ remixes from EDGEY, Larvae, and Hidden

    The second CD release on Notochord Recordings:
    Angina P 8 Rooms.
    Vienna-based producer Angina P takes powerful layers and sharp contrasts to create compositions that are abrasive, complex, and emotionally-charged. While persistently raw and moody, the music maintains a sense of pureness and digs deep into her psyche.