live and dangerous recordings

second opinion

bacon sarnies hmmmm
hi there,just doin a bit of promo work for a label ive got a release coming out on in august. big ups scoop:teeth:

also my track "phantom power" out on live and dangerous recordings 15th august 2011
The Age of existence ep
1: Live Summit – Fly High (Featuring AnnGree) Custom Soldierz Remix
2: Qhymera – Dynamic Damage (Insom Remix)
3: 2nd Opinion – Phantom Power
4: INT Company – One Of Them
5: Cinkoz – Aurora
6: Decibel Nation – Throw Back
7: Kayus – Humanity
8: Manchester Sunrise – Walk On
9: Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition – Born To Do It (Featuring Deemas J)
10: Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition – Born To Do It

thanks in advance for checking the site think theres something on there for all tastes of dnb hope you like it.