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    live and dangerous recordings have got a bumper amount of releases for your grubby little earholes to digest.
    as of today there are 3 projects from the label on all good download stores.
    2 singles and 1 album. all of differing styles and vibes but with a main ingredient to them all. they make you want to dance. from liquid to neuro to jump up there should be something in one of these releases to wet your whistle.

    The Age of existence lp
    1: Live Summit – Fly High (Featuring AnnGree) Custom Soldierz Remix
    2: Qhymera – Dynamic Damage (Insom Remix)
    3: 2nd Opinion – Phantom Power
    4: INT Company – One Of Them
    5: Cinkoz – Aurora
    6: Decibel Nation – Throw Back
    7: Kayus – Humanity
    8: Manchester Sunrise – Walk On
    9: Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition – Born To Do It (Featuring Deemas J)
    10: Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition – Born To Do it (instrumental)

    alter ego- zero gravity(2 mixes of this:radio mix and club edit)

    ear abuse- too far/you're mine

    audio for these tracks and more on the site
    hope you enjoy the site and the music.
    thanks for checking