LIVE 2Day-Kymatik + Pace on Kool. REQUESTS Here

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    In yer momma's bed! ;)
    Back once again ;) Ky comes back on Kool for the weekly Tuesday Trisect show. Tune in for the heavy, upfront beats across all styles of D+B and come talk shit in the chat :D 4-6PM GMT -->follow the links to stream.

    Any REQUESTS post em up here b4 3 or email kymatik on

    Tracklisting from last weeks show:
    1: CALIBRE- Pissed Up Ravers
    2: DJ DIE- Autumn (Commix Rmx)
    3: LOGISITCS- Replay
    4: DJ MARKY + XRS- Breeze
    5: STRESS LEVEL + TC1- Chameleon VIP
    6: CALIBRE- Cold Halo
    7: AI- Rise + Shine
    8: RONI SIZE- Strictly Social (Nu:Tone Rmx)
    9: SKC + SAFAIR- Free My Soul
    10: FRACTURE + NEPTUNE- Colemanism
    11: ASC ft INTEX- Drum Track 2 (The Venom)
    12: LAROQUE- Goldfinger
    13: SONIC- Galaxy Flip
    14: CALIBRE- Mr Maverick
    15: BREAKAGE- So Vain
    16: D KAY- Spacequest
    17: MENACER- I Can’t Take It
    18: RUFIGE KRU- Angel III (Loxy + Ink Rmx)
    19: DIGITAL + SPIRIT- Ras 78
    20: EQUINOX: Acid Rain (Breakage Rmx)
    21: REMARC- Darkaworld
    22: MR MASON- Ruff, Rugged n Raw VIP
    23: DR DRE- Keep Ur Heads Ringin
    24: ICE T- Ain’t New To This
    25: MR MASON- Ruff, Rugged n Raw VIP

    Expect the unexpected! lol Never know what we're gonna play till it happens- come n check it out!

    Then later we have the all-mighty (best lay off the beer lol) PACE on live from 6-8pm GMT and then we switch LIVE to the studios in Germany till we close. Wicked tings, all LIVE.

    Ya know it makes sense.