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Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by $marty, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Easy all,
    Just a little update of whats going on with the Infrared label atm (Hoodlum came into the record shop i work in the other day). Some BIG remixes coming out from the label.
    Theres the J-majik & Wickaman rmx of "Spaced Invader" (If you have heard the latest Slammin Vinyl Westfest 06 Andy C set, its on there about second tune in)
    Some of you may remember J-Majik's "Crazy World" which came out a couple of months back. Theres a new remix of that which is forthcoming on an EP with the same name. The EP will feature various artists Such as j-majik, Wickaman & Hoodlum.
    Hoodlum also informs me that J-majik & Wickaman have also done a new remix of the feel good stomper "Capoeira" (Hoodlum was really excited about this, and said this is the one to watch out for!)
    Last but not least Hoodlum is also launching a new label for 2007 titled "Hoodz 4 Life". More info on that one soon.
    Also available now is the "So Many Times" EP featuring:
    J-majik & Wickaman "So Many Times"
    Wickaman & Hoodlum "Old Bastard"
    The Force "Faithless"
    Wickaman & RV "Dirty Caller"
    Bag Yourself A Copy!
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    ez $marty, gotta say I am not feeling the Spaced Invader rmx at all, but it seems to make people dance. boring bassline and all the disco fun is gone.
    Interested to hear the Capoeira rmx though!!