List of oldschool jungle breaks!


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I've just started making my own jungle tunes using the soft sampler Kontakt 5. I'm familiar now with the Amen break and the Think by Lyn Collins and have made my tune sampling a WAV of the actual tune rather than using a sample pack loop which always seem to have had some processing done to them.

Which songs/ artists produced the other classic jungle breaks? I know there are loads, but some of the more common ones. There was one which was used a lot in mid 90's ragga jungle often alongside the amen which has quite a boxy sounding snare...
Any help much appreciated :)

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Here are some Im particularly wondering about:

G Squad - Coppershot

Universal Flava- Stand Bold
(james brown funky drummer possibly?!)

Pretty much all the breaks that a lot of big producers used, including the Flow (Roni, Ed Rush and Optical, Shy FX, etc.) and Sniper (mash up of Amen and Tighten Up). Most of them have very good quality and are all in mono. But, a couple of them I can't seem to open in my DAW or Audacity unless I hunt down a plug-in for them, even thought they're in .WAV format.

Hope you find what you're looking for there :)