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It's that first wednesday of the month again when the giant awakes within Guildford town centre to attract the top names in the world of drum & bass for one night only. Rotation has been holding strong for a good few months now most recently hosting Mampi Swift as part of the Charge Recordings album tour, & tonight would see the massive V Recordings touching down as part of the Liquid V tour. Tonights special guests would be none other than Q Project & Bryan Gee bringing their smooth summer selection fresh from dubplate central for the masses.
We rocked up to Time around 9.30pm just as the club began to fill up & the young faces appeared from all over town, there was something telling me this was going to be a relaxed evening as the crowd looked a little dressed up for the occasion to. After having a quick chat with Subterra myself & compadres moved on into the club where the legendary Nine Bar Soundsystem stood tall & proud & sounding loud as hell. First up was an unknown local head by the name DJ Form cutting through some beautiful summer time tracks & getting the front row dancing early into the night, he looked like he had been spinning for while & opted for the dancefloor delights of High Contrast, Calibre, & Q Project to get the heads nodding. Pretty soon the venue was filling up & Maser X & MC Freestyle letthe punters know what was up.
When Subterra & Ollie K touched down there was a real look of excitment from the crowd I think they could sense this was going to be a good set. Working their way from smooth vocal tunes to the rolling d&b things began to get a little heated so the boys decided to crank it up a level & couldn't resist pulling a few of the tech monsters from the bag. This unleashed a frenzy on the dancefloor which to be honest really lifted the crowd to another level as they just seemed to spring to life, along with the vocal talents of Sidekick & Digga. I still think the standout track for me was Break & Hydro's - Immaculate as soon as those hauting female vocals crept out from the speakers I was dancing my ass of in front of the bar & just completley lost it for a minute or two, such a genius production. Hints of Calibre's Drop It Down poured over the Ninebar PA with much love given back from the already hungry crowd. I decided to take a little walk around & bumped nto a few familiar faces from back in the day & everyone was so friendly & the women were pretty damn hot!! After taking a few snaps it was back to business & from watching the crowd again I could see that everyone was itching for some heavier tracks & that's exactly what Subterra & Ollie K done, switching from liquid to rough d&b tracks then straight to some dancefloor there was something for everyone.
Up next was FD & Reada who opted to bring things down to a much more groove riden set beginning with some beautiful liquid tunes half of which I never heard before & then deciding to take a leaf out of the previous set by dropping one or two monsters for good measure. When Tech Itch Soldiers remix got dropped (yep at a liquid event I know) the place again went absoloutley crazy for the dark side of the scence. Solid mixing & a massive smile from both of the dj's & MC Lokki just showed how much everyone was enjoying this night & how much they were looking forward to Q Project. When the time arrived for Q Project to appear I was a little surprised to see a little fellow by the name of Spinback come walking through the door instead, apparently Q had a few things keeping him from playing so like a true gent Spinback stepped in last minute & received a huge round of applause from the crowd.
Dancefloor music done with a bit of fun & bounce was what Spinback fired towards the whords of d&b heads & they lapped up each tune with great pleasure & cheered at each mix which was tighly mastered. Stamina began his showcasing his vocal talents which allowed me to get my groove on once again.
There was also one shock to the system as I was very surprised to see the one & only Owain Breakneck standing by the bar, so it would be rude not to say hello. After saying hello & asking where the ones like SDM & Triple M were I think OWain didn't actually know who I was so before scaring him anymore I thought I'd better do one.
Last but not least was the legend Bryan Gee, the man knows how to kill the dancefloor whether it's vocal lead tunes or heavy weight basslines he always throws it down, especially when backed up by the outstanding IC3.
Unfortunatley as I was been taxi driver for the night & also looking after a few messy people so we had to exit before I really got to see Bryan Gee which I'm really disappointed about & Rotation crew sorry I left early but from the looks of things the night was going to end on a good note once again.

This has to be one of the best nights in the South at the moment, the Rotation crew are really trying to make this work & are wanting to showcase some of the lesser know dj's with the big names & it works. If you haven't already made the effort & get yourself to the next event.
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