Liquid track-Somewhere Right now (revamped!)

really mellow and relaxin track, uv obviously done well at achievin what u wanted!
personaly id ike to see some slightly heavier sub bass comin in on the drop, but thats just me.
really nice riff and feel to the track, impressive and quite different!
Yeah you eq'd the guitar riff in there nice...find a nice vocal sample that would fit well, that would be nice as well, but that's just my opinion, doesn't have to have vocals, no worries.pz & respect
Yeeeahhhh maaaaan im chilled out now! Not sure on th kick, its abit blunt in conext to the euphoric steez of th rest of th tune but whatever floats your boat. Well nice.
Neat work on the guitar, bass is nice (i agree that it needs a beefy warm sub 'behind' it though) keys complement really well.

Pass me my mojito will ya?! summer tunes on the beach man!! :)
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