liquid track looking for some ideas to continue it...


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All together I thought it was a pretty nice track. Has a lot of potential to be really good. Mostly I just think it is missing the small things that make it good to real good. Think of a a dish of food. You have all the main ingrediants but only some of the spices. And a little spice to your dish and it grows from bland to amazing. This being said. That drum roll is awesome.
I hope some of what I posted could be a muse. And I also recommend giving some honest feedback or seeking out mix down advice from some of the better producers on this forum. The mix sound a little off on my end. However, I am not listening with proper monitors. So I could be wrong. Any way I hope this helps. And you might want to take down my sound cloud comment before posting the track. I usually like to leave only nice comments on sound clud and not critique. Hope this helps.