The intro shakers/hats don't really work being broken up like that - keep them more flowing - not bad work on the drums sound pretty fat....it needs a proper first drop as it more kinda just starts rather than builds to it - maybe try a break down around the minute mark - alot of tunes do this or have a build. Also I think you have some kind of limiter on the master as every few bars a snare comes through much louder than any other - limiting or any input on the master is risky business unless you really know what your doing like a sound engineer. Not meaning to be harsh matey just a few pointers to consider - a few change ups here and there for more interest and you've got a nice tune as all the melodies are nicely in key.... keep at it.
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i dont see it as been harsh m8. i see it as constructive critisism. end of the day this is why i want feedback. so thanx for ur feedback!!!
yeh as thin king sed, the beat actually sounds pretty good once everythings come together. the kik an snare are a lot more distinctive thn last time. but the hats sound odd at the start, just have them hit every 8th or 16th of a bar an keep them steady flowin. you jus need to add a bit of clarity to the mix, makin the drums sound like they are from the same kit. keep goin mane nice wrk
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