Liquid Movement Presents - In House Sessions March Edition


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New concept by ourself s Ed G, Mavamatics representing our collective (Liquid Movement) in taste and styles, doing a monthly mix of everything liquid and movement, which will feature and consist of artwork, guests & vocalist on for you to listen to and enjoy to whether it being going to work or in the gym or at home relaxing on the couch, giving you that liquid movement sound straight to your ear's for you too enjoy and take in.

For the 2nd instalment for the March edition of (In House Sessions) We have Ed G gracing the decks, bringing in a nice selection of current tracks blended smoothly making into one flowing mix threw out.

You can collect and download the artwork off here, and if you collect each one with every (In House Sessions) mix we put out on here. It will create a special picture unique to this series of mixes we put out !

Part 1 of the series is now on dnbshare to grab !


(If you want to follow us on facebook our page is)

To find out or the latest music, sets, gigs, projects that we are working on.

Artwork was done by (Johnson Fold Media) Which you can follow on twitter or facebook.

Track Listing to follow -:

Morning light - Nu:Logic
Yellow Shoes (Calibre remix) - Marky & S.P.Y
The Unspoken- Technimatic
Rainy city music - Dub Phizix
Ever after - Komatic & Technicolour
Summer soul - Submorphics
Sheltered storm - Technimatic
Late night caller - Bladerunner
When the feeling floats - Mavamatics
Signals - Mefjus
Music (Technicolur rework) - LTJ Bukem

All rights to the tracks are those of the producers / record labels

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Woah, I've only just signed up to this place and the first username I see if Mavamatics. What a fucking small world this is. You need to get to the studio soon. I'll get listening to your mix. Cheers for SC comments btw Mav. It's Scott btw.
Just seen this as only just logged on again !

Yeah is a small place we live in, still need get down feel's like been trying to sort it out to go down for ages now haha.

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And thanks danny glad you liked it, gonna be doing another soon just gotta get my cdj repaired before can do then next instalment which hopefully be soon and end of this month if I can.