Liquid Movement (Mixes Thread)

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    Liquid Movement is a group that involves, myself, Ed G and Vill-un.

    Currently just we are doing a trilogy of mixes, 1 by each of us 1st being off Ed G and 2nd by myself and the next installant by Vill-un.

    Haven't got the track listing for Ed G's as never asked for it, so gotta bare with me if you want the track names etc.

    Liquid Movement 001 By Ed G

    New mix here in the Liquid Movement chapter by myself on mixcloud and for download aswell on dnbshare enjoy.

    Download link -

    (Track list is now up)

    Track Listing -:

    1. Forsaken Ft Paven Everett & Spectralsoul By Alix Perez
    2. Turn To Stone By Edit
    3. Dark Impulses By Bazil
    4. Love Is By Edward Oberon & Paul T
    5. The Editor Ft Stratagy By Dub Phizx
    6. Scraper By Krakota
    7. Dreadnought Ft Sp Mc By Icicle
    8. Back For More By Influx Datum
    9. Redemption (Alix Perez Remix) By Icicle Ft Robert Owen
    10. Dizzy GrooveBy Soultec
    11. Detroit Lies Bleeding (Phobia Remix) By Sato
    12. Grand Funk Hustle By Die & Break
    13. Blue Eyes By Skeptical
    14 Over The Edge By Optiv & Btk
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