Liquid Jazz Session - 20.05.2011


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Aug 31, 2011
Liquid Jazz Session - Volume 2 available

Hey guys!

This is a mix I did a while ago and I was very surprised by the amount of people that checked it out. If you're into the jazzy, soulful dnb vibes then please feel free to download it (link is below)

Drumagick - Checkmate!
Mr Joseph - Necessary
Aquasion - Lessons Of Life
dRamatic & dbaudio - Rolling Times
Tayla - Turn It Around
Blade - Bury Your Feelings
Aquasion - Loyal Does It
MSDOS & Steez - Passenger 7
Unknown - Never Gonna Let You Go
Mr Joseph - Chop Sticks
Aquasion - Dressed To Chill
Euphorics & Joe Easy Nuttah - Smoke
Marky & XRS - Striptease
Syncopix - Outside You
Random Movement - Psychadelic Drainpipe
Tyler Straub - Little Boat
dRamatic & dbaudio - Subtle Shaking
Marky & Makoto - Love Again


This set was mixed with Traktor Scratch Duo and Vinyl.

Thanks for listening!

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Aug 31, 2011
Thanks guys!

I did another mix a while ago.


Blade - Bdp
ATP - Smooth Fella
Aquasion - It's A Jazz Thing
Paul SG & Jay Rome - Caramel Town
Mr Joseph - Playing Love Games
mSdoS & Duoscience - One Two One Two
Floetry - Say Yes (BTK D&B Bootleg)
Motta & mSdoS - Untitled Jazzy
Kasper - A Good Start Is The Sky (Random Movement vs Kanye & Lupe Fiasco)
Phatplayaz & Blade - Close Encounter
Aquasion - Dressed To Chill (Soultec Remix)
Soultec & mSdoS - Where's The Brass
Aquasion - Loyal Does It (Soultec Remix)
Blade - Bayou Blues
Paul SG - Lonely
Flowrian - Back To Reality
Soultec - Waiting For Inspiration
Tim Reaper - Late Nights

Thanks for listening.
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