Liquid Intelligence ( Craggs and Parallel )

DJ Spidee

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Event name: Liquid intelligence
Date : 30 / 11 / 06
DJ,s : Craggz and parallel , Spidee and blitz , Jordan V.,WKD , Miss B.
Live drum and bass band: Zinger Warriorz
MCs : Five a live ,Function , Fire and Trixta
£7 on the dorr £5 for students
Drink promotions all night on selected drinks also T shirt and CD Giveaways
for more info call : 07835 174060

Liquid Intelligence a night with a truly explosive drum and bass night out with a show case of no1# talent in the Liquid drum and bass seen not have we brought you Craggz and parallel who are @ the top of there game right now and on the crest of a new album release( Northern Soul ) but we also have the Zinger warriorz who are breaking new ground in Drum and bass and are tipped to be the next London electricity
We also have MC Five alive DJ Spidee & Blitz, Jordan V. Miss B, W.K.D. and MC Fire and Functions who are all blowing up right now its gonna be a storming night so don't miss out.

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