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Feb 28, 2010
Bruges, Belgium
We want to make this Liquid tune, We're used to jump up, We have pretty nice but pretty powerful Drum pattern, and we're searching for is, How to make a powerful liquid tune, How do you make those atmopheric sounds like. synths, etc just ideas. 'cause when i start to make a sound i always end up in something heavy for a jump up tune.
Yes indeed like devz, dig the song!

But anyway, Hints & tricks to make this kind of basslines, Atmospheric sounds, High tone shot synths.
Are all welcome


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Feb 6, 2007
northern germany
layer different waveforms and transpose some of them +7. some filtering, chorus, reverb and clever eqing. done.


on a more serious note: check out the different piano vsts that are around, play a high octave, apply lots of delay and reverb. the same with flutes or just single sine waves.

for atmospheric sounds, check through the soundbanks and alter the presets to your liking. or even pitch down your lead synth ^^^ and play with the envelopes (you should do that anyways)

hope that helps
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Sep 17, 2010
^^ yeah that creates some nice harmonic sounds, but be cautious in that the +7 transposed sounds dont overpower the +0 sounds.

i find having many subtle synths playing together or at different times in a loop sounds really melodic and 'liquid'.

as for the bass synth..i think u can use what u like (jump up sounds etc) but be sure to throw in some melodic harmonies in there.
listen to a lot of liquid and try to pick out the little elements used...they all make a big difference to the overall sound.

n big ups for putting my link in ur OP! :D

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Mar 24, 2002
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It's pretty standard to use a steady 1/4th rhythmic bass pulse in the backbeat with a 2step drum pattern, you know, that very straightforward WUP WUP WUP WUP thing like in Danny Byrd f. Netsky - Tonight for example.
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