Liquid Holidayz Free Party Dec 27 2014- The Skinny Bar and Lounge New York

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    The holidays often bring kindness, peace and joyful memories; What better than to spend them with family and friends for a night of exclusive liquid drum & bass music! Come join us as we celebrate with an outstanding lineup of stateside drum & bass producers who will be bearing their unreleased and upcoming gems for the NYC massive…

    Deadleft Spirit & Remedy D&B

    Liquid Holidayz

    STUNNA (31 Records, Telluric Recordings, Bassdrive Radio)

    A classically-trained keyboardist and working musician based in Chicago, STUNNA (aka J. Cappo) has crafted his own unique sound within the fast-paced world of Drum + Bass music. With a number of strong releases on various high-profile labels coupled with a solid Stateside and international touring schedule under his belt, this Grammy-nominated, URB Magazine 'Next 100' producer and host of BASSDRIVE Radio's popular weekly 'GREENROOM' show is determined to spread his own sound as well as exclusive tracks from talent around the world. As his prolific catalogue of solo productions, collaborations and remixes has gained global support from DOC SCOTT, LTJ BUKEM, FABIO, MARKY, LOXY, NOOKIE, BIG BUD, MARCUS INTALEX, CALIBRE and many more, it's going to be another busy year ahead…..

    T.R.A.C. (Liquid V, BP2 , Bassdrive Radio)

    T.R.A.C. is an MC from Brooklyn, NY. For many years he has performed throughout the underground scene garnering attention and has been regarded as one of highlights of the stateside Drum and Bass community.
    This extraordinary talent has hosted and performed with many of the great legends of DnB such as Bryan Gee, LTJ Bukem, Dara, Crissy Cris, Bailey, Submorphics, Jaybee, Jumping Jack Frost Roni Size, Random Movement, Lenzman among many and has also hosted The NYC leg of the 2014 Hospitality tour ( SPY, Danny Byrd, Fred V.& Graphix). Within recent times T.R.A.C. has had a stellar year. Backed by Liquid V's Bryan Gee, T.R.A.C. has hosted Club Sessions Vol.5 and also was featured on Paul SG's "Let Me Show You" record. T.R.A.C. is also featured on many well received singles and projects in 2014. "Higher Ground" is a Submorphics produced song off of the Burnside Park ep. "The Partys Arrived" single, and Paul Sg's"Stay Classy" have both been revered and respected by the community supported by all the bigs of the scene.
    As momentum keeps building, be sure to check out his music and catch him in action. Whether Hip Hop or Drum & Bass, T.R.A.C. has proven himself to be like a fire, there are more and more catching on to him.

    KASPER (Focuz, Celsius Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings)

    Anthony Kasper, more commonly known by just his surname, is one of North America’s newest
    Drum and Bass talents getting global recognition. At only 23 years old, he may be one of the
    younger faces, but odds are you have heard his music regularly supported by DJ Marky, Bryan G,
    Random Movement, Command Strange and Technimatic. The success of Kasper’s 2013 “Brooklyn Standard EP” on Celsius recordings opened the door to even larger opportunities. Teaming up with other world-renowned North American producers like Jaybee and Random Movement, Kasper has a steady stream of digital and vinyl releases sorted for 2014 and 2015. Liquid? Hardly. His style does tend to be melodic and funky, but his DJ sets run the full spectrum of sound. Part of the next generation of Drum and Bass, he pays no mind to the politics of old, choosing instead to let the music speak for itself. Kasper has performed hundreds of gigs across the US and Europe in just a few short years. Embarrassed by the button pressing DJs, Kasper is a long fan and supporter of classic turnatablism. In 2013, he won the Red Bull U DJ Master award in Minneapolis and works regularly with the NBA Timberwolves DJ company, GenerationNOW Entertainment.

    WILL MILES (Miles A. Head, Creative Source, Good Looking)

    Will Miles is a classically trained producer/DJ from the U.S. who currently resides in Virginia. The diversity in his production style is due to the vast musical influences he's been exposed to over the years. Miles acquired his love of Drum n' Bass from his friend Kjell Anderson(who is half of their production duo Style Control) back in 1994. This quickly led Miles into DJing the following year, and into Drum n' Bass produciton in 1998. He would then sign 10 tracks with Thermal Recordings in 2001. He also joined the production team NUCO and held a residency for three years called Information Technology. In that same period of time he was resident at Europa, in downtown Richmond. In 2004 he released a single on his own imprint Miles A. Head. He then remixed a track called Second Protector by Kjell, that debuted on DJ Bailey's show on the BBC Radio 1XTRA in the summer of 2005. DJ Fabio debuted his music on Radio 1 the following year, and released a single on his imprint Creative Source. He has releases on many labels including, Pushin' Wax, Sonorous, Mix n' Blend, Influenza, Innerground, Nemesis, Deep Soul Music, Horizons, Influenza LTD., Point Audio, Westbay Music and Haunted Audio under the alias Dubyah. Miles keeps a steady DJing schedule. Having played all over the U.S. and across the Atlantic, he has honed his craft and can move any crowd

    SOPHEYE (V Recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, Stanklove MIA)

    ‘Sopheye Sofly’ is one of those rare vocalists who not only entertains a crowd, but also engages them. Born in the UK and raised in Miami, she brings a bit of class and a lot of sass when she hits the stage.

    As a classically trained vocalist, she has built upon her diverse upbringing, encompassing genres from drum n’ bass to jazz to straight up hip-hop. According to Soph, she developed her soulful sound through her perspective of music as an emotional outlet; in her words, further pushing her “to get out and do my own creative thing {and} make my own creative name.”

    Performing professionally since the age of 18, this singer/songwriter has had an extraordinary array of experience with music. She first started emceeing and singing at small drum & bass parties held by fellow classmates. Her first step into professional work came when she briefly recorded with ‘Baby Bam’ of the famous hip hop group ‘The Jungle Bros.’ Sopheye Sofly then ventured into singing for a jazz fusion group called ‘Subject to Change’ as well as hit funk group ‘Fusik’. She has since found herself serving as host and emcee alongside some of the biggest names in dance music. She has performed both nationally & internationally. Sopheye Sofly has played throughout south Florida, Denver, New York, San Francisco & Los Angeles. Internationally she has played at the Parklife Festival in Manchester, UK, in 2011 as well as in Bristol for the Intrigue event hosted by The Insiders. Her voice has been heard over tracks released worldwide on labels such as Nemesis, V recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, and Bios Recordings.

    Reflect & Overfiend
    (Bassdrive Radio)

    Hosted by: Sopheye (V Recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, Stanklove MIA)

    21 & over
    10 pm – 4 am

    **** FREE ****

    Celebrating a decade of blessings…