Liquid:Garden Mix Series Volume 1 - Dektekdee


Jan 12, 2010
Swindon, United Kingdom
ATTENTION Ladies and Gentlemen!
Liquid Garden are proud to present to you the very first edition of "The Liquid:Garden Mix Series" This will be an "Open Style" mix series in which we will be using it as a platform to showcase our very own Liquid Garden DJs as well as new undiscovered talent alongside some of our special headline guests!
What this means is that if you are interested in playing at Liquid Garden, or have already featured and crave more moments with the gardeners, we want to feature your Freshest Summer DnB Vibes to spread around the world.

The objective is simple: to spread good music, played by good people.
If you would like to be considered to feature, please send a mix (Preferably 60mins+) with full tracklist to: and we will get back to you ASAP

The first instalment has been mixed by our very own Dektekdee. Here's a few words about the selection.
I really wanted to try and capture the atmosphere we have at our Liquid Garden events, using my own style as well as making the mix flow, similar to an album CD track list. I've thrown in a selection of jazzy musical numbers, rollers, deeper tracks, classics, funk and a selection of vocal beauty's. So please.. Take some time.. Put on your headphones.. Blast out those speakers and give it a listen even if it isn't your usual taste. Enjoy.

Track list
1. Saxxon - The Only One
2. Submorphics- Higher Ground
3. Spectiv - Just Us
4. Paul SG - This Is Jazz
5. Saxxon - Talking Jazz
6. Lenzman - Always
7. Against & Scott Allan - Waiting For
8. Intelligent Manners - Nothing Less
9. Saxxon - Sunset Strip
10. Lenzman - Starz
11. Intelligent Manners - Love Is Love
12. Lurch - Feel The Night
13. Rowpieces - Elevated Souls
14. LSB - Leave
15. Alix Perez - Contradictions
16. Spectrasoul- Tender Doubt
17. Calibre - Multitasking
18. Intelligent Manners & Enei - Midnight Runaway (Lynx Remix)
19. Random Movement - Down Somehow
20. Riya feat. Dynamite Mc, Villem & McLeod - Fear Bites
-- Ram Trilogy - Milky Way
21. Break - In My Mind
22. Trex - Jazz Cat
23. Calibre - Reno
24. Stakka & K Tee - Orange Sunshine
25. LSB - Snap Funk
26. Villem & McLeod - Dutch Oven
27. Paul SG feat. Undersound - The Last Ceremony (Big Bud Remix)
28. Technimatic - Beneath The Sky
29. Spectrasoul - Always
30. Technimatic - Centrifuge
31. LSB - Walking Blues
32. Spectrasoul - Away With Me
33. Technimatic - Looking For Diversion
34. Lurch - Some Day
35. Technimatic - Lost Time
-- Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
-- Origin Unknown - Roll On
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