Drum & Bass Liquid Drum & Bass Essentials is back with Volume 4

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    Grab your copy here: http://www.beatport.com/release/liquid-d-and-b-essentials-2013-vol-4/1133635
    Liquid Drum & Bass Essentials is back with Volume 4. This is the quintessential compilation of tracks for the warm summer nights. Each and every track in here is absolutely unmissable if you are a fan of the Liquid side of Drum & Bass. Featuring artists such as Doxx & Feint, The Zengineers & Martha Potempa, BlastikZ, Prime Attack, Critical Minds and Dan Guidance to name just a few. This album contains everything you need to get those sumer partys seriously rolling. Amazing, deep bass lines, crisp beats and beautiful vocals are a common thread among these tracks and every dance floor will be begging for more. Liquid Drum & Bass Essentials Volume 4 - Essential listening!
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