Liquid drum and bass melodies


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Sup, folks?

Do you guys know where can I find good tutorials on how to create those nice and warm melodies with synths for liquid drum and bass? I already know how to make the drums work and put some bass with vocals and stuff, but I really struggle with making adequate melodies using synths. I need some help on mixing/mastering synth sounds and constructing basic melodies that work fine.

Netsky has a splendid example of what I want to recreate(my fav dnb of all times I suppose!):


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i'm not that great at sound synthesis, i know my way around fm/additive/subtractive but am probably not the one who would be best at answering this but...
the bass sounds like it was originally a pretty nasty sounding bass that's modulated and has a noticeable timbre change at the end of each bar or so, he just lowpassed it. i've heard other songs of his where his bass sounded like a reese or other typically nasty-sounding saw bass that was lowpassed also.

it def sounds like he used a rhodes for some melody in that song too but it's possible he layered the rhodes with a quieter plucky synth sound that maybe sine or triangle-based or it might just be a rhodes with some effects thrown on it (very likely). there's a vst called lounge lizard that has a great selection of rhodes, wurlitzer, electric piano, and even some plucky synth sounds. it has a lot of effects and pretty good sized library of presets that show it's range. i think you could definitely make something very close to that rhodes in lounge lizard.

maybe someone else can chime in with more detail, i just thought i'd throw my 2 cents.