Liquid DnB


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Jan 9, 2014
VVIIBBEESS!! That vocal sample w. delay n all is great! n your atmospherics in your intro are sick.. and that roll into the drop. YES. that warping bass is sick. Great stuff

for your intro, consider cutting out the kick snare and just going with a simple hi hat pattern instead, then bring in your k/s @ 0:24.

and mayyyybe bring down your 80-150hz on your bass just a biiiiiiiit (like 1 or 2 db) and see if you like it. am 100% NOT sold on my own advice here, haha.

That's about it, rest of this is primo! great mellow energy vibes


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Sep 13, 2010
Awesome tune man. Great vocal work, great drum work and the mix is sounding tight. The best part is this track has great flow that is just easy to move to.

Your killing man.
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