Liquid DNB Track Eyron - The Plan


Apr 19, 2009
Predictable chord progression in intro. keys sound ok, maybe a bit flat onthe sound to start but they progress nicely. Drum pattern is ok, drums themselves might need some work to bring them 'alive', add some end of phrase fills. Breakdown from 2m, new element with the strings works ok, pretty epic to be honest, but then you drop them out and we are back to piano only wondering what was happening - get back into the track quicker. Once we are back it is the same drop as before, i started to loose interest.

Biggest issue at the moment is the mixdown. Drum & bass are too low (clue is in the name son!), keys too high, synth at 1m40 is right level with piano though.

Decent effort, mixdown is weakest point at the moment in my opinion.
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