Drum & Bass Liquid DnB songs

Hey all,

First of all, i dont really know DnB very well , but i like a very specifc kind of (what my friend told me) Liquid DnB songs. Its basically a womans voice singing (not just repeteive stuff, but more coherent lyrics) with "soft" beat, yet a fast tempo and a lot of high piches (hope you guys can figure out what i mean by that :D). Im always looking for good music of that sort on spotify and/or youtube but its really hard to find if you have no clue what you're actually looking for :D

for example i like feint(journey), dreaming(ramses b), ghost assasin(maduk)..not really dnb but still find yourself (john o'callaghan), out of the sky (lange feat sarah howle)

Thanks in advance
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Dunno how you can stand Feint and rameses b. Feint is pretty over rated imo, thinks dnb is all about big 100hz kicks and punchy 200hz snares... Rameses sounds like pop goes the weezle tinker toy stuff.. Cant complain about maduk, has his own style pretty legget. Should check out Command Strange, Malaky, LSB, Loz Contreras, Fliwo, Blastikz, Macca, Hosta