Drum & Bass Liquid dnb - Need suggestions and critique!


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Hey guys!

I posted this a while ago and did a few changes because a small label came up to me and they said, they're interested in releasing my tune.
They said it would be cool if I could stretch it and try to get a better sound.

And since I stretched it, it feels a bit boring. I wanted to bring in some variation or something that spices it up. The problem is, I'm working on that for about 2 months now, and it barely changed since then. I think I'm too close to this tune.
Would be nice to get some ideas and thoughts. And how's is the overall sound?


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I think it's got plenty of variation, so much so that occasionally it sounds a little disjointed. Overall it's a nice composition but for my tastes the kick and snare lack a little punch. The percussion also sounds a little high and could do with some of the top end rolled off. The bass sounds are really nice, very clear but with enough dirt to make them interesting.

Two months is a long time to be listening to the same thing without loosing a bit of objectivity. Give it a break and come back to it as I think it's not far away from a finished article.

Nice work.

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Nice little track... I think the changes are too much though. I mean like the actual song changes so much, Lets say the intro this section im not so keen on, but the drop really is brilliant i feel theyre so different and thats gonna hold you up here. Now this isnt gospel because im learning as much as you but i would actually change the intro keep the melodic feel but loose the disto violin sound mabye? If not loose it tone it down a little the drums are also very energetic.

Sounds great bass wise i really like the bass sounds i can see why you get my stuff. But that kinda indicates my comments here are biased lol. I do really feel toning down the highs would help though and spice up the bass with disto mabye?
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hello. i don't exactly remember the first mix of this track :( just the main synth rings a bell. this one sounds fine to me, everything in balance, the lead synth is a bit overdone but is unique. i like the bass a lot, very well done. i also suggest to leave it and do other tracks before going back to a tune you cannot think to improve any further. i for example try to complete tracks as quick as possible because i know after 2-3 week i get fed up of them.. when they aren't ready by then they mostly end up in the bin. just my 2 cents ...